Reading Logs

Students are expected to read at least 60 minutes per week outside of class.  This can be any reading of the student's choosing, including magazines, cartoons, newspapers, chapter books, or another item of interest.  Students may NOT use assignments from other subject areas to count toward reading log minutes.  The material should be at the student's current reading level.  I recommend that this reading be from a chapter book that also counts toward Accelerated Reader points.  Students can double dip with this assignment as often as they'd like. 

Reading logs are due every Friday morning (or the last school day of the week, if there is no scheduled Friday such as an inservice day or holiday) and should be recorded on the form sent home each Friday.  If your student should misplace the form, recording the information on another sheet of paper is fine, so long as the paper is big enough for me to find in the assignment basket.  Please be sure to record the title and minutes, and don't forget a student name and parent signature!